Personnel ethics

All "Satbor" employees deserve the right to work in the atmosphere of respect and mutual understanding. Safety and health of the employees are the most important corporate values.

It is highly important to provide all employees and partners with equal work opportunities regardless of their racial or national identity, religious beliefs, sex, age and other discrepancies.

It is the Company policy that all operations be in accordance with ethical and moral concepts and established legal standards:

the company personnel shall be guided by the best interests of the company in all business transactions;any personal opinions and disagreements with the policies of "Satbor" LLP with FP shall be confined to discussions with the company management;any information concerning "Satbor" LLP with FP which might be used to the disadvantage of the Company shall not be disclosed;authorized employees of the Company shall choose the Suppliers on the basis of prices and quality of the products and services, and in relationships with the business partners always act in the best interests of the Company. Corporate employees shall not have personal benefits directly or indirectly from the Supplier Company, a business partner of the Company. The acceptance of gifts, entertainment, favors, souvenirs, personal discounts and similar gratuities might influence or raise doubts as to the impartiality of the recipient and damage the reputation of "Satbor" LLP with FP for fair dealing.

Observance of the corporate ethics is of prime importance for supporting and strengthening the reputation as an honest and reliable partner, an attractive employer and a socially responsible member of the business community.