Laboratory analysis

The analytical laboratory of "Satbor" LLP with FP has been certified for compliance with the requirements of ST ISO/IEC 17025-2007 of the RoK in State accreditation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The analytical laboratory is governed by regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and normative documents regulating scope of activities of the laboratory, the regulations, directions and orders of "Satbor" LLP with FP analytical laboratory, documents of quality management system.

The primary objectives of the laboratory quality policy are as follows:

-  guarantee of objectivity and reliability;

-  meeting requirements of the customers and interested parties;

-  continuous improvement of management system;

- maintenance of the personnel competence based on training, raising of qualification;

- use of effective normative, legal documentation as well as management system documents;

- understanding and flawless performance of the quality policy and management system documents.

Activities of the laboratory are directed on analyzing the content of chemical elements in core samples, drilling mud and other objects; evaluation of the research results; ensuring the completeness and accuracy of the researches based on the requirements of normative documents, objectivity and reliability of their results; ensuring the continued operation of quality management system of chemical-analytical tests; development of new methods and objects of analysis; organization of raising of the specialists' qualification in order to provide the required accuracy of measurements, timely certification in accordance with the current legislation, regulations on the laboratory and recommendations; development of scientific and technical links with other similar sectoral structures; ensuring the observance of labor protection and safety measures by all laboratory employees in accordance with the applicable instructions.

The analytical laboratory of "Satbor" LLP with FP has been equipped with a set of equipment for sample preparation as well as up-to-date analytical unique equipment that has no analogues in the territory of West-Kazakhstan oblast, in particular, X-ray spectrometer MiniPal 4, flame photometer Jenway PFP7 which enable the definition of necessary elements with the accuracy specified in methods of definition. In addition to automated methods of the research the laboratory also applies classical (gravimetric, titrimetric) testing methods.

The analytical laboratory of "Satbor" LLP with FP ensures high employment training and reliability of the tests in the declared field of accreditation in accordance with the requirements in technical regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The services of "Satbor" LLP with FP analytical laboratory:

On the basis of accreditation certificate # KZ.И.09.1255, the laboratory has the opportunity to provide services for the analysis of rocks, ores, ground and soil, determination of the mass fraction of potassium, chlorine, calcium, sodium, sulfur, bromine, silicon, aluminum, magnesium, boron, the residue that cannot be dissolved in water and acid.