Drilling operations

To implement the program of geological exploration works in 2008 the Company purchased drilling rigs LF-90; LF-230 of firms "BOART LONGYEAR" and SHRAMM T660WS with drilling equipment set and required support service vehicles. In the shortest possible time the company management had to select the personnel, to conduct their training as soon as practicable, to work out process regulations for successful implementation of drilling program that stipulates drilling of wells in salt rock mass  of 1200 m depth. Considering the fact that Kazakhstan has no experience in drilling of salts using these drilling rigs all these issues have been successfully realized by studying international practices of drilling wells for potassium salts as well as taking into account the geological peculiarities in the structure of Satimola field, and also the company's process solutions have been used, namely:  formulation of drilling mud, i.e its centralized preparation, quality control over its preparation. All of these gave the opportunity to reach penetration rate up to 1000 m\month, and in this case the recovery ratio of ore bodies represented by freely soluble minerals such as Sylvinite, Carnallite amounted to 90%.

Owing to organizational management, control over drilling process and own engineering developments on problem prevention during hole boring the breakdown rate has been minimized. This approach to implementation of the drilling program allowed the company to meet the performance target within the shortest possible period of time i.e to drill 51362 p.m in Satimola field in the period of 2008 – 2010 years.

At present, we are confident to say that the company has the qualified personnel, technical and technological potential and is competitive in Kazakhstan market in the sphere of drilling of expendable wells.