Social projects

"Satbor" LLP with FP systematically provides considerable help in the social sphere of both within Akzhaik region where the field is located and the whole West-Kazakhstan oblast.

For example, 50 000 US dollars were transferred on the account of Akzhaik vocational lyceum in 2007. Much attention was given to a regional music school that was renovated to the amount of about half a million tenge, substantial sums were allocated for the public services and amenities of village Bazarsholan which is adjacent to the rotational camp.

Periodically, in momentous events or on significant dates school students are also rendered financial assistance that may be expressed in any material terms, it can be gifts for the New Year or the financial aid for forthcoming trip to the capital of Kazakhstan.  In this regard, "Balausa" dancing group of the center of children's crafts from Akzhaik region became the prizewinner at creativity competition in Astana in December 2011 whose success was extensively covered by mass media and television. It's so pleasant to realize that we have contributed to the achievement of the small victories of the wonderful dancers.

Nobody was left indifferent during the emergency situation in West-Kazakhstan oblast resulted from a rare flood in 2011.

Among the enterprises that have rendered all feasible material assistance to flood-sufferers was "Satbor" LLP with FP that didn't ignore and supported the children's health and medical resort "Ivushka".

In commemoration of the 65th anniversary of the Victory, 2 400 000 tenge were allocated for erecting the monument in honor of Kazakh notable poet, World War II veteran Zhuban Moldagaliyev in village Chapaevo, the district centre of Akzhaik region.

The contract conditions as to deductions are fulfilled on a regular basis. Thus, according to the contractual requirements annually 100 000 US dollars are transferred to the oblast budget.

The company also implements projects on payment for education and training of both its staff and university students that are taught at the expenses of the company and with the specialties which are in demand of "Satbor" company.